Banner Lake is one of Visionary School of Arts most successful programs since 2012.

VSOA has received awards for the tremendous impact this outreach art program has made in the lives of students who are at risk or handicapped. Top notch instruction by professional artists in fine art with strong emphasis on drawing skills with the right side of the brain.Creativity is encouraged with exploration of various mediums.

Our core values include a positive approach based in principles of success. Students are encouraged in identity, leadership and rising out of difficulties. Teachers are trained in the Visionary curriculum developed by Lynne Barletta.

The Power of Art II

Leading Transforming Empowering

The Power of Art II is a program written by Lynne Barletta for at risk children in classes at community centers. It includes drawing and painting in high levels of art training in various mediums while awakening the right side of the brain for creativity, increased attention span, peacefulness, while learning principles of success, leadership and making great choices. It is not art therapy, it is displacing negativity with powerful positive messages through the right side of the brain. The Power of Art program award-winning program has been in place at Banner Lake in Hobe Sound Community Center with the BLAST program since 2012.

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